Everyone has bad habits at work (but not everyone wants to admit them). You may not realise it, but you could be engaging in workplace habits. We’re here to offer some simple solutions to the most common of workplace-based bad habits.


Poor Posture

It’s a couple of hours until home time and you’re starting to slump in your seat. We’re all guilty of poor posture from time to time, but did you know back and neck pains are one of the leading causes of work-related stress? Products such as back, wrist, and footrests provide muscular support throughout the day as well as promote good posture!


Drinking too much coffee

Coffee keeps us going throughout the workday, but too much can lead to headaches, dehydration, or even worse – caffeine tolerance! Uplifting and refreshing herbal and fruit blends are a great alternative to high-sugar squashes and juices, as well as high-caffeine hot drinks.


Not cleaning your desk

Did you know that the average office desk can be up to 400x dirtier than a toilet seat? Over just a day, your hands can come into contact with 10 million bacteria! It’s important (and easy) to keep on top of desk hygiene and make sure your mouse, keyboard, and headset are grime free.


Talking on speakerphone (or not answering the phone!)

If you are having a call with a client and need to multitask by using your computer at the same time, then you may put your speakerphone on rather than picking up the handset. This could irritate your fellow employees, as they try and concentrate on their own work but get distracted by your conversation. An easy way to resolve this is my investing in a headset. You can then pick up the phone hands free and avoid annoying others.


Leaving the lids off pens

Pens can dry up which can lead to the cost of getting a new pen or when you are trying to write and your pen isn’t working it stresses you and put you in a negative mood. Also, when you are on the phone and you reach for a pen that isn’t working you could be missing out on vital information. Opt for retractable pens, where you only need to think about a simple click rather than putting a lid on it.


Leaving your dirty pots around in the kitchen

Putting your dirty dishes and mugs in the sink and leaving them there is a bad habit. If employees need to clean up their items, they are unable to with all the other dishes in the sink and therefore may unwillingly have to clean up yours in the process. This can cause tension between co-workers and could create a bad atmosphere.


What are you bad habits at work? Send us a tweet @NormansOffice to let us know, good or bad, we’d love to hear them!

For more information on how we can help you avoid these bad habits with back rest for office chairs, fruit teas and water to keep hydrated and more, get in contact with us. You can call us on 01642 564190 or via our website.

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