Our Top Tips for working from home:

With many people opting or having to work from home, likely for the first time in their careers, we thought we’d share our top tips to help inspire motivation and efficacy whilst working in an isolated and familiar environment. This blog will include six of our curated strategies to tackle things like boredom, fatigue and motivation whilst having to work from home.


Tip 1: Keep a list and track your time!

It’s easy to lose focus when you’re at home instead of an office or dedicated workspace for the first time, as time seems to fly by and if you’re used to working in a team environment, you can lose track of your tasks and what is the priority. We recommend keeping a clear, precise list that outlines your tasks for the day in order of priority. You could do this through physical notes or on a work scheduling software if your organisation uses one. Another thing to do alongside your list is to time all the tasks on it, whether by just keeping an eye on the clock and marking when you start and finish a task or using a smarter stopwatch system on your home desktop or laptop.

By doing this will allow you to measure your efficiency working from home as compared to working in a professional environment. Your entire work routine may change in a new workspace with some tasks being naturally easier to complete and others potentially being elongated, depending on the projects you’re working on and the way in which you work. Also, keeping track of your tasks and time is a great way to maintain focus and attention during the workday, as without more constant social interaction and the atmosphere that comes naturally with office space, it’s easy to flag and become unmotivated and unorganised. So, keep a list and keep track of how long your daily and ad hoc tasks take.


Tip 2: Keep your workspace separate

One important measure to take when initially setting up your new home office space is to keep it separate from certain other areas of your household. There are many reasons and benefits associated with this measure, but most importantly it will help retain focus and prevent you from melding an image of a professional space and relaxed space into one. For example, working in your bedroom would be a bad idea as it would (over time) make it difficult to switch off from your work persona in the room that is dedicated traditionally to rest and recuperation. Likewise, working in a communal area if you live with others will create an idea that it’s ok to work amongst distractions, and that can be dangerous for your focus. Ideally, you need a separate room to work in, somewhere private, or that can be mostly private from others (like a home study or a spare room). This way you’ll avoid the chances of losing concentration and retain a focal point of professionalism in a challenging environment.


Tip 3: Experiment with your home office

So, you’ve settled down where you’ll be working for the coming weeks or months, that’s great. You’ve also got your to-do-list in hand, and you’re keeping on top of everything. In fact, every morning you’re grabbing the same mug of tea, sitting in the same chair, looking out the same window and writing on the same desk. This brings us to tip three; you’ve got to experiment with your workspace from time to time to allow diversity in your mindset, keeping it active and reducing the impacts of repetitive boredom. Whether it simply facing a different way to diversify the view or sitting in a different room. Maybe you’ll work on a desk for part of the day and then shift to the sofa for the rest if you’re working on a laptop or perhaps doing non-technology reliant projects. There are countless ways to shake up your personal spaces and employing a few in your schedule can really help keep the mood and atmosphere fresh.


Tip 4: Resist social media temptation

A classic when it comes to resisting temptation and working efficiently is the dreaded, “I’ll just check my Facebook” before you end up spending four hours scrolling down our timeline watching funny videos. You can waste a lot of your day with the amount you may be checking your social media, it’s undeniably addictive, and in your own free time you’re absolutely allowed to relax and go on all your platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But when you’re trying to work and concentrate, social media is the devil on your shoulder keeping you away from your focus.

So how do you prevent falling down the social rabbit hole? For starters, remove all social media bookmarks and saved passwords from your work device, and don’t make it easy to access, as sometimes just the threat of having to fully type in a password can be enough for some people to make it unappealing. On top of this, remove your non-essential devices away from your work area e.g. mobile phones, tablets and gaming devices, as these are all just potential distractions and timewasters. A final method for kicking the social media habit is to allot specific 5-10-minute breaks during the day (maybe three times a day) for you to check your social platforms and keep on top of that time too.


Tip 5: Maintain social contact with your team

One of the hardest changes for anyone deciding to work remotely is to start working independently after working exclusively within a team environment. Although many may not believe they’re dependent on a team for their job role, the constant social contact with a group of colleagues can definitively impact your mental state, and without that contact, you may find yourself more stressed and feeling feelings of isolation. Set up calls between yourself and your teammates rather than email chains and schedule regular morning or afternoon catch-ups so that you are receiving enough external support and socialising even when it is work-related. This is a great morale boost and necessary for thriving when working from home.


Tip 6: Order with us for contactless home delivery

We keep a stock of essential products on our online store that are purpose-built to help you work from home with ease and efficacy. We can deliver the goods you need to work productively during this uncertain period quickly and with a guaranteed contactless, safe home delivery, allowing you to focus on what matters. Whether it’s pens, pencils or specialised IT hardware, we can cover what you need today. Get in touch with our team or just visit our online store today and place your order.


That’s the six most essential tips we believe make the working from home life not only bearable but also productive and meaningful. If you’re choosing to work from home and want more helpful advice and guidance, then get in touch today. Also, visit our online store for key working from home essential products that make your life easier and keep you stocked up on what matters.

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