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For every trade and task.

We can now supply has over 25,000 products from over 240 quality brands. Our range covers tools, accessories and hardware products to suit all trades, professions and industries as well as a wide range of interests and tasks including DIY, home maintenance, craftwork. workwear, storage, security and pest control.

By working with one of Europe’s leading specialist distributors of Hand and Power Tools, we are confident we can source anything you need for your business, from everyday tools to specialist equipment you need for your next project. See how we can assist you with your next project >

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All our hardware and power tool products come from quality assured brands such as DeWalt, Stanley and Black+Decker. We work to provide you with the best possible options for all your trade needs, whether it’s for DIY projects or large-scale manufacturing.

We stock hand tools of all types, from screwdrivers and wrenches to specialist engineering tools and building consumables. Looking for something specific? Our sales experts can help find the perfect product for you and your exact needs.

We supply products from over 260 leading and specialist brands, including Stanley, Bahco, Irwin, Faithfull, Roughneck, Forgefix, Marshalltown to name a few. When it comes to hardware supplies, we know only the best is good enough.


Amanda Hughes

Internal Account Manager

Emma Holliday

Emma Holliday

Internal Account Manager

Lizzy Atkinson

Lizzy Atkinson

Customer Service

Following a consultation with Normans, they put a quote together which we felt was stronger than the competition.

Having won a major MOD contract, we needed to expand our premises to meet these new requirements. Historically we have been in portacabins, so a new building was a welcomed upgrade for all staff.

As the project manager, I had a clear idea of exactly what I wanted before starting the project. The  Normans team installed all our new equipment over just 2 days and it was all a great success. We’re delighted with the quality of the products and the service we provided was second to none.


Director, UK Dock Marines

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